Corona and our 1,5-meter measures

To welcome our guests safely, we have a 1,5-meter protocol based on the Dutch Government guidelines and the regional emergency ordinance.

Our building is spacious and needs barely adjustments to secure sufficient distance. The corridors are 3-meter-wide and therefore safe to pass each other without problems at 1,5-meter distance.

During lunch and/or dinnertime we shall request the trainers upfront for flexibility regarding timeframe and meal-location to make it possible to host all guests safe and to be able to disinfect the furniture between two shifts. We will try to find in close contact with the trainer the best suitable solution in relation to the training, adapted to the needs of the group and the possibility of the moment. Sometimes this can result in a meal in two shifts, but upon request, also a meal in your own conference room is a possibility.

All meeting rooms and public areas are equipped with mechanical ventilation with CO2 detection and/or ventilation grills to make sure the air is sufficient refreshed. Together with the numerous windows and doors this will provide an excellent air quality and the quick extraction of aerosols.

The safety of our guests and employees is currently our most important motivation.

We train our employees optimal to deal with this new situation.

1,5-meter protocol


  • make 1,5-meter protocol available to guests (in advance by email addressed to trainers/individual guests and in the building clearly visible)
  • check-in of all guests to secure they’re free of Corona complaints
  • short welcome speech by our Front Desk employee for every group with extra attention for the safety precautions during their visit
  • notifications in the building in crucial places
  • specific instruction to trainer and alignment with trainer to guarantee the safety of the group
  • it is mandatory to follow-up the instructions of our staff


  • frequent cleaning interfaces of touching areas in the public spaces (doorknobs, light switches, cranes, coffee machine etc.)
  • extra cleaning rounds for toilets and general sanitary
  • cleaning furniture after every meal (tables and chairs)
  • payments as much as possible contactless or per pin
  • disinfectants available on various locations in the building for extra personal (hand) hygiene

Social distancing

  • notifications in the building to keep 1,5-meter distance
  • clear guidelines how many people can use a toilet group at the same time
  • new set-up of conference rooms, dining room, living room with 1,5-meter distance between guests
  • serving method of meals will been adjusted when appropriate, to guarantee sufficient social distancing and to prevent unnecessary movements
  • prevent crowds in hallway Front Desk (dispersion of arrival time and/or welcome locations)
  • Relax Check-in procedure to avoid crowds in the hallway
  • maximum beds adjusted, to ensure the possibility to keep 1,5-meter distance also in a shared room
  • if required our staff will approach our guests to remind them of the joint responsibility

Extra service

  • In the event that an activity can’t take place in your main conference room, we will search together for a suitable alternative. For example: sometimes the Chapel can be used for a exercise or a quiet part of the garden
  • If possible, we will issue the bedrooms earlier than usual, so that you can already use your own sanitary (early check-in without extra costs)
  • If possible, we will let you keep your room longer (late check-out without extra costs)
  • In case of a multi-day stay in a shared/double room, we will offer an additional cleaning of the sanitary

Urgent announcement

We kindly request all our guests to please stay home if they experience complaints (fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat, shortness of breath). Please also stay home if your housemates or any recent contacts, have (had recently) fever, shortness of breath or are suspected from or diagnosed with pneumonia, or with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection. We also have made sure our own staff is free of any above-mentioned complaints.