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Covid-19 precautions at Samaya

Corona and our actual measures

(updated October 7th, 2021)

As of September 25th Samaya is allowed to let go of the mandatory 1,5-meter social distancing. However there will still be precautions in place to welcome our guests safely, such as checking the ‘green pass’  with the international QR-code upon arrival, which confirms that you are tested, vaccinated or have recovered from Covid-19. The most important precaution remains: if you are not feeling healthy and have covid related symptoms, please do not visit us. Also the Governments advice remains that 1,5 meter is always the safest distance.

Our building is spacious and needs barely adjustments to secure sufficient distance. The corridors are 3-meter-wide and therefore safe to pass each other without problems at 1,5-meter distance.

During lunch and/or dinnertime we shall request the trainers upfront for flexibility regarding timeframe and meal-location to make it possible to host all guests safe. We will try to find in close contact with the trainer the best suitable solution in relation to the training, adapted to the needs of the group and the possibility of the moment. Sometimes this can result in a meal in two shifts, but upon request, also a meal in your own conference room is a possibility.

All meeting rooms and public areas are equipped with mechanical ventilation with CO2 detection and/or ventilation grills to make sure the air is sufficient refreshed. Together with the numerous windows and doors this will provide an excellent air quality and the quick extraction of aerosols.

For foreign / non-European visitors: we are situated in the countryside, however we are momentarily in a ‘restricted orange zone’ . For that reason, extra measures such as quarantine and/or mandatory testing can be required by your home-country. You are however still allowed to cross the Dutch border. For travellers from the US and the UK there is no mandatory quarantine restriction after entering our country applicable anymore.

The safety of our guests and employees is currently our most important motivation.

We train our employees optimally to deal with this new situation.