About Conference Centre and Priory Hotel Samaya

Samaya is a small-scale conference centre and Priory Hotel with a mission. We reside in the last cloistered priory that was built in the Netherlands following the old rules and regulations of the Catholic Church. However, in contrast to many other monasteries and convent buildings which are dark and gloomy looking, lots of bright daylight and an open design characterize our building.

Despite being in a monumental priory building, our centre is non-religious and welcomes guests of all denominations and/or spiritual backgrounds. Our main task is to facilitate business and other groups, and training institutions with their own training programmes in the field of personal development, awareness and/or spirituality. It is just this variety of beliefs and backgrounds that we greet with open arms and which helps cross-pollination in our multi cultural society. We also welcome individual guests on a limited scale.

The word Samaya origins from Sanskrite and means as much as: place of ‘coming together without having-to…’. To meet, without obligation or pressure, in relation with all the visible and invisible around you. The word Samaya is said to be the source of the Dutch word ‘samen’, meaning together.

Due to the use of the fabrics and colours, together the ancient building with the large windows, an atmosphere of lightness is tangible, which contribute to all training sessions held here. The building and all areas you stay in wholly blend in with the surrounding 3 hectares of English landscape garden .