Indication of prices for your stay

We are happy to give you an offer based on the service level requested by you. Just to give you some impression of our pricing please check out below an indication for a number of frequently booked arrangements. Our pricing is per person, VAT included and tailored to one reservation and one invoice per group. During school holidays different prices apply.


a 2-day standard stay in a twin room (32 hrs) on weekdays. From € 204,25 p.p.

  • Arrival 1st day after 8am, departure 2nd day around 5pm.
  • Including a conference room of choice, with coffee/tea/cookies in the room.
  • 1x breakfast, 2x lunch, 1x 2-course dinner.
  • 1 overnight stay in twin rooms.


a 2-day standard stay in a single room (32 hrs) on weekdays. From € 238,30 p.p.

  • a 2-day standard stay as stated above.
  • Overnight stay in single bedroom.

Frequently asked extra’s

  • Optional: apple pie €3,40 (with cream € 0,80 extra) per portion.
  • Optional: homemade snack € 5,95 p.p.
  • Optional: powerpack (healthty treats such as nuts, semi-tropical fruits and if so desired raw veggies) € 3,40 p.p.
  • Optional: cheese plate €3,40 p.p.
  • Optional: late dinner (after 7pm), additional fee € 125,- per meal.
  • Optional: private dining/lunch, additional fee € 60,- per meal.

Please ask our Front Desk team for all options!

Weekend-arrangement from € 249,60 p.p.

  • Arrival Friday after 6.30pm, departure Sunday before 5.30 pm.
  • Including a conference room of choice, with coffee/tea/cookies in the room.
  • 2x breakfast, 2x lunch, 1x 2-course dinner.
  • 1 overnight stay in twin rooms.
  • Single room at an extra € 60,85 p.p.


8-hours meeting-arrangement from € 32,90 p.p.

  • Arrival from 8am, departure before 5.30pm.
  • Including coffee, tea, water, cookies served in the room twice during your stay.
  • 1x lunch.
  • The exclusive use of a suitable conference room.
  • The prices of our conference rooms are stated below.


Details on our conference rooms

  • On your arrival coffee, tea and cookies will be waiting for you in the living room.
  • There is always a bouquet of fresh flowers in the conference room.
  • We equip the conference room according to your wishes. There are plenty of options.
  • Flip-over, 65″monitor / beamers etc. are available.
  • Most of our conference rooms have their own private outer space.


Details on our meals

  • Our meals are fully biological.
  • We match the time of your meal to your programme.
  • Breakfast buffet including a bowl of ‘ready to eat’ muesli with yoghurt and fresh fruit.
  • At lunch we serve a homemade soup and a delicious salad.
  • Dinner consists of 5 different dishes and a dessert. A starter is optional.
  • We do our utmost to process diets. Please inform us of these as quickly as possible, but at least a week in advance.


Pre-overnight stay from €48.20 p.p. in a twin room, € 75,85 p.p. in a single room

  • Would you like to start your training session or workshop in a relaxed manner? Would you like to avoid the morning traffic jams?
  • Consider booking a pre-overnight stay.
  • In that manner you will start your training session or meeting well-rested.
  • The price includes coffee/tea on arrival and a breakfast.
  • Are you the trainer? Please check out our special tariffs for trainers.


Individual Stay (32 hrs): €129,50 p.p.

    • Would you like to work a few days in peace and quiet whilst preparing your training session or business plan? Consider booking a room with us.
    • You will have the use of a single room with a private bathroom (shower).
    • You can freely use the garden and take part in the regular activities in the Chapel.
    • The price includes meals, coffee and tea.


Prices of our conference rooms in combination with an 8-hrs arrangement

Tuinzaal €502,00 110 m2 offers a 3-sides view of the garden
Patiozaal €392,50 81 m2 has its own enclosed garden (210m2)
Binnenhofzaal €392,50 72 m2 has its own enclosed garden (230m2)
Zuidhof €392,50 50 m2 + an adjoining 3x4m, private roofed-over terrace leading to the garden
Voorkamer €195,50 20 m2 at the front side of the building
Roos per part of the day € 54,00 16 m2 a quiet room, suitable for coaching sessions


Self-Catering Arrangements

  • During or contiguous to school holidays it is possible to make a reservation based on a partly self-catering basis, for groups in style with our mission and for a minimum of 3 x 24 hours.
  • Price indication for 24 hours including the use of a maximum of 2 conference rooms: €1.675,- during school holidays, €2.200,- outside of school holidays. During public holidays reduced tariffs apply.
  • Additional costs: use of linnen (obligatory), daily cleaning of corridors and toilets, and the final cleanup after departure.



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