Samaya’s Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Samaya enjoys looking after her guests and bringing them peace of mind. For this we offer space to bring about awareness:

  • a location with space and quietness,
  • a location inviting you to ‘meet’ instead of ‘need to do’,
  • a secure base for personal development and for experiencing spirituality,
  • an organization inspiring growth in awareness.

Our Vision

We realize our mission with respect to people and the environment, having an eye for regional initiatives. Enhancing the wellbeing of our guests and sustainability are key factors in this. We aim at a corporate return which not only maintains the organization and the location, but also enables growth in quality.

We maintain long lasting relationships with our guests as well as our staff members and suppliers. We encourage people to give us feedback and aim at continuous improvement making our guests and staff members feel heard and comfortable.

(Target)groups that like to come to Samaya

We mostly receive groups for multiple day training sessions in which personal development, growth in awareness or experiencing spirituality are part of the programmes. Those can be business groups as well as non-profit or private sector groups. Business and non profit organizations come to Samaya for leadership training sessions, but also for team and vision development sessions. The private sector groups usually offer education, workshops or retreats at Samaya. On a limited scale we also offer these groups day arrangements without overnight stay.

Regional groups such as yoga, zen meditation and the ecumenical Werkhofgemeenschap (Society of Gods Werkhof) have had their own permanent places with us for years. For more information about the groups and their activities please refer to the Activities Diary at our reception desk or check out our website page Agenda.

Samaya is located on historical grounds, in a building known to inspire people from time immemorial.

Samaya is socially engaged and sponsors the work of the Society of Gods Werkhof by yearly providing a welcoming stay free of charge to 16 long-term overburdened informal caregivers.