Abundant biological-vegetarian meals

We are proud to say we are well-known for our culinary abundant biological and vegetarian kitchen. Judging by the reactions of our guests, one tastes the care and attention with which the fresh dishes are prepared. Dining at Samaya is a pure and culinary joy. More and more we offer our groups/participants on their request fully vegan meals: our breakfast and lunch buffet, but also our dinners are easily adjusted or extended to that so we can offer fully animal free products. Even guests who are used to dining in restaurants with big names really enjoy coming back to us.

Every day our dishes are freshly prepared with pure ingredients. Biological and regionally produced products are used by our cooks as much as possible. We enjoy planning the number of courses for your dinner according to your wishes. If you like, you may put a finishing touch to your meal with our delicious house wine. Any special dietary wishes? No problem, but please make these known to us at least 10 days prior to your stay. Only then can we make sure we have all necessary ingredients available to further indulge you.

Breakfast and lunch are served in a richly varied buffet form. During lunch you’ll find soup, salad and – if agreed on earlier – a warm snack. If you would like a more extensive lunch or something in between for your break in the afternoon programme, please specify this on your reservation form.

We gladly serve your meals tailored to your programme.

Our apple-pear juice is from our own garden and we warmly recommend our delicious applepie.


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